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Journeyman III

Damaged CPU top surface with stock cooler


I recently upgraded my 2200G and after removing the stock heatsink, I noticed some damage on the top surface of the CPU. There are matching marks on the bottom of the heatsink. I attached pictures of both the CPU and heatsink.

Initially, I thought I was at fault because of the corner mark on the heatsink (perhaps caused by the twisting motion of removing). However, I don't see how the other dent (more towards the middle) could've been caused by anything other than some debris or inconsistencies of the heatsink material.

I used the stock thermal paste, so the bottom of the heatsink (beneath the paste) was not inspected before installation.

I was wondering if this qualifies for some sort of RMA/warranty. Of course, the CPU is still functional, however this pretty much destroys any resale value.


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If the CPU temperatures are normal when operating then I wouldn't worry too much about it. The Thermal paste will fill in those small gaps on the processor.

Were those gaps there when you first unboxed the Processor and CPU Cooler?  If they weren't, then it would be considered to be, in my opinion, Customer Error which is not covered by AMD Warranty.

If the gaps were there when you unboxed the CPU Processor and CPU Cooler than you can open a Warranty with the Retailer or open and ask AMD at AMD Warranty Request (AMD Warranty Request Form | AMD ) and see if they will RMA it as long as it isn't considered Customer Error.