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Journeyman III

Cursor lags after sleep cycle 5950x


I'm having a problem solving this mouse stutter that keeps coming after sleep/hibernate. The system works great and as intended after a power cycle but as i mentioned after the first sleep cycle it all starts. . . .

After a sleep cycle the mouse start stuttering and it stutters somewhat more after more continuations sleep cycles.

I've managed to see exactly why the mouse is stuttering but not what is causing it. 

The mouse stutter every time the cursor changes to a different type of cursor. I.e. moving the mouse above text, above links and in the corners of the windows for the resize cursor.  I also use a custom animated cursor that has 9 frames that loops. For every frame that changes will make it hitch/stutter.  For some reason i can't force it to happen by putting it to sleep 3 times in  row which is weird. Its like something is slowly corrupting the windows session. . .

It does not stutter when you are playing games i.e moving the camera of the character and so on.

also it is not stuttering when you are moving windows around on the desktop

I dont think i have anything out of the ordinary running: 

I've tried to:

  • Disable Fast boot in windows and bios.
  • Disabled G-sync 
  • No VLC processes active when put to sleep
  • Tried to close all programs and processes when it started stuttering = no difference
  • DDU


What i like to note is i tried this setup on my intel system before i swapped the cpu and motherboard and i did not have this issue. I'm also on all the latest drivers for BIOS, chipset, windows, nvidia, SSD/NVMe/keyboard firmware.

What changed from working Intel system:

  • Intel -> AMD cpu
  • Intel board Z170-> AMD x570 board
    PCIE 3.0 -> PCIE 4.0 (for both graphics & nvme (pcie 4.0 drive) boot drive)
  • New Re-installed windows
  • GPU is in the second x16 slot since i have Asus HYPER M.2 X16 Gen 4 Card in the first slot so it doesn't block airflow for the GPU since its almost as big as it. 



this issue is so irritating that i might switch back to intel when the new cpu come out...

AMD Ryzen 5950X | Asus Formula | RTX STRIX 3090  | Corsair RM1000X | Corsair Dominator Platinum Blackout 32GB 3200MHz (4x8GB

LG CX 55" G-Sync | XB270HU|LG IPS7 27" (x3)





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