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Journeyman III

Crazy high temps on Ryzen 7 2700X

Hey there guys and gals,

I am new to the forum so I thought it would be a good place to start by asking advice. I am not new to AMD, i have been an AMD fanboy since 2010.

My Current Setup is:

Ryzen 7 2700x

Asus ROG Crosshair VI Extreme

Radeon RX Vega 64

Kingston DDR4 16GB 3466 MHz RAM

Corsair H80i v2 Cooler

So herewith the question. My CPU is running red hot at an average of 92C up to 105C at idle. Let me give you some background on what I have tried thus far to find a resolution to the problem. BTW I have attached a few screenshots just in case.

I have swapped to the wraith cooler, no change.

I went to my retailer and tried a different H80i v2 cooler, no change.

I have tried 4 different brands of thermal paste and also tested various methods and amounts of applying the paste, no change.

I have flashed the bios on my board to 3 different versions, all of them with no change (I have tried more versions but, then the board does not post)

I have added 4 additional Corsair ML140's to the case to see if that works, no change.

I bought an AC unit for the room to bring ambient temps down and is currently at 22C, no change.

I have opened the case to see if open airflow works, no change.

I have mounted the cooler externally, no change.

I have even tested different fans on the cooler and turned the pump and fans to performance mode (Now it is load as hell) but.... no change.

Just on a side note, I have not overclocked the system even slightly, everything is 100% stock settings, even the RAM is turned down from 3466MHz to 1800MHz as default (See attached screenshots)

As of now, I have found no solution on the web to help resolve this. I have read about this issue so much that it is I dream about it at night. Also, ASUS states that it is CPU related and not their board. I was unable to test this since nobody wanted to loan me a spare mobo or CPU to test with.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a mill,


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Big Boss

jakifourie, I doubt seriously you are running at those temperatures.  Here are your specifications:


The maximum is 85C.  Your system would be throttling and/or shutting down.  Please post a screenshot of Ryzen Master (RM) using the image icon at the top of the reply window, not an external link.  I assume your cooler is a water system.  Sounds like the pump is not running.  Feel the hoses.  You should be able to tell a temperature difference.  I suggest you plug the fans and pump directly into 12 Volts.  Enjoy, John.


Thanks for the replies,

Just to clarify on the points you made. I did attach a screenshot of Ryzen Master in my original post. I will attach in this reply as well. Please see below


The corsair cooler is a water cooler. The pump is running as well as the fans. I can feel the pump running if I feel the pipes. I can also see the pump stats on corsair link. I know the package stats on corsair link does not mean much however, when I enter the BIOS after not running the PC for a few hours the CPU immediately reads at 60C. This is in BIOS, which tells me there is a sensor issue somewhere.

The cooler does blow out lukewarm air after running the PC for a while which means that the cooler is working. If you look at the top left corner of the AMD Master screenshot in my original post it also states that the CPU is running seriously hot. I used one of the external temp sensors to measure ambient temps in the room as well as the temps that the cooler exhausts. Ambient temps in the room is 22C when the AC is running and the cooler is exhausting 35 degrees C. this all seems normal.

On the other note that you made, If i stress the CPU using CPU-Z the PC does crash after a few seconds of running the app. The CPU also does thermal throttle when running for a while, especially running CPU intensive games.

My conclusion is that there is a faulty sensor either on the CPU or on the motherboard. I just need to narrow it down so that I can get the faulty hardware replaced. I just need conclusive proof. I am at a loss atm.

Any advice on how to narrow down the problem child will be greatly appreciated.




Is your cpu frequency always at 4.025mhz?

Big Boss

jakifourie, the only temperature that matters is that reported by Ryzen Master and it says 48C which is fine.  The "Package" temperature reported by Corsair is meaningless.  Even Google does not know what it means.  Enjoy, John.


That is with firefox and few programs opened. That is to high.


OP, when the CPU idles CnQ should kick in bringing clock down to ~2.2ghz

Use the Win10 Balanced power plan to enable CnQ - the Ryzen plan has CnQ disabled!


The balanced power plan is the best for Windows 10, allows the machine to jump up when needed and snoozes when you are flopped over the keyboard dead

Adept I

REquire for another ryzen 7 2700x and the old one will be considered by the chip designer for the next 4th  generation ! . Certainly , it seems that the author has done a lot as professional but can not find out the reason . So the reason comes from inside cpu . Let change another ryzen 7 2700 for the guarantee term ! .