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Journeyman III

Crashing when running games


    i'm fairly new to the PC building scene, my father used to build them all the time so i'm very familiar with the physical process, but not the software end of things.

I recently purchased an AMD Ryzen 5800x for my first solo PC build, everything went together fine, it boots, i enable XMP, it crashes, oh well i'm excited i can just run my ram at it's base clock oh well. But now that i've been using it for a few weeks i'm starting to get crashes in more demanding titles. I'm a fairly casual gamer so this machine was used mainly for web browsing, CAD/CAM for work, and light gaming like Genshin Impact and Minecraft. Recently i've been wanting to give some more demanding titles a try such as Hunt Showdown, Halo: Master Chief Collection, and Enlisted a try, but said games will crash 5-10 minutes after launch.

i've tried everything, i've run GPU benchmarks, i've run CPU Benchmarks, used memtest on my RAM, all tests and benchmarks are passed with flying colors but still the games crash. i've checked Event Viewer and it shows a WHEA-Logger error reported as a bus/interconnect error, could a bad socket be causing this? bad processor? am i just missing something? my build list is as follows

AMD Ryzen 5800x
Asrock X570 Taichi
Gskill TridentZ RGB 4x8gb kit
MSI Geforce GTX 1660 Ventus XS

feel free to ask me for any further information

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