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Adept III

Crashing or low performace problems with Ryzen 5800x/59xx?!?!? try it ;-)

Your Ryzen 5000 just cause windows crashes in idle / while low usage?  maybe with way too high idle temps?
or dont reach the boost clock and the performace suxx really hard?!?!

I maybe find a solution for crashing Ryzen 5000 CPU's in a hardware review article at
igorslab "AMD Ryzen der 5000er Serie mit PBO2"
this fixes my massive  problems with my 5800x but i see  also 59xx owners in comments

there are 4 different settings combinations explained & tested: 
- get lower temps & reach max boost clock (multi and single core performance)  with undervolting by curve optimizer
- comparence: performance / power consumption ->  cinebench  and 3DMark statistiks 
Article in engish and german aviable!

After I upgraded my system with a 5800x i had 10 days of unsuccessful troubleshooting.....
i replaced the mainboard and RAM and the ebay 5800x with a new one.. after that i was not even able to watch a youtube video for 20 minutes without bsod/kernel pwoer reboot/freez+debug error (cmos clear needed)

in the comments of this review i read that the vcore curve optimation helped some people to fix system crashes when the cpu is in idle mode or at low usage (watching yt or something).... 🤮

I just copied the "low power profile" settings from the article and my system instant runs without problems, awsome temps and awsome performance! 

I'm to lazy to read the Forum rulez if i can also post the link to the articel without gettin slay for promoting a external community  or something like that... but im sure you guys get very high google foo skills

after find your " Curve Optimizer"sweetspot value in allcore mode its important to change to single core mode and do a fine tuning (i just need to set just a diffence of 4 points at the from windows prefered cores| 2 cores  "20" to reach 4975mhz,  2 cores "18" for 4925mhz and the other 4 cores "16" for 4850-4875mhz)

if this post keeps just one person to dont get the same expensive trip like mine = job done! xD

mfg, Curtis

Ryzen7 5800X 4,95ghz; LLC3; 420mm Liquid Freezer2; Corsair RGB Pro SL 32gb/2 - 3600mhz CL18; Sapphire RX6800 Pulse OC; Asus XG27AQ 165Hz; MSI X570 Gaming Plus PPT:137W EDC:135A TDC:95A; BeQuiet! PP 730W
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