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Adept I

Crash - Processor alimentation

Hello all,

I'm French, sorry for my bad english skill .... so ... 


I crashed few times while i was playing games and each time in the Microsoft Windows 11 event watcher i have the same error message : " Performance-related power management features on processor 0 in group 0 are disabled due to a firmware issue. Check with the computer manufacturer if a firmware update is available."

Same error message for processor number from 0 to 15. 


Processor RYZEN 7 2700

MotherBoard : Gigabyte AORUS B450 Elite ( last Bios Gigabyte F64c)

Graphic card : Gforce RTX 2060 SUPER ( Last driver Gforce Nvidia )

RAM : 16 Go Corsair  3000 ( DUAL ) 


Maybe could you help me to find a way to my problem,


Thank you

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Adept I

I forgotten to told you that i havn't found microprograms or somthing like that on internet  


@TAPATOR Microsoft officially does not support Windows 11  on zen and zen +downgrade to windows 10 or replace CPU to zen 2 or zen 3


Qanatoz, where does MS say this? All I can find says W11 supports AMD 2700. Enjoy, John.

I will not do that, i can't. Have a good day - Peace

Big Boss

TAPATOR, what BIOS (Microcode/firmware) version are you running? I suggest you open a support ticket with Gigabyte and send them a screenshot of the Event Viewer error. What is the Wattage of your power supply? Thanks and enjoy, John.

Hi Misterj, thanks for your answer, my BIOS firmware is the last from Gigabyte for my motherboard : F64c

About my my power supply :  Aeorcool LUX RGB M 650 W - 80PLUS Bronze 230V

As you said i will send a message to Gigabyte too, i took my chance here in cas of someone had the same problem and found a solution. 

Have a good good day ! Peace



Thanks TAPATOR, I have not seen this problem before, but I hope Gigabyte has and will respond. I always tend to have plenty of cooling and plenty of power and would probably have a stronger power supply, say 750 Watts.  Enjoy, John.

If Gigabyte help me to fix that problem i will tell you, for knowleges ^^ Have a good weekend John.


Thanks TAPATOR, you too.

I would think Gigabyte needs to release a new BIOS. Enjoy, John.

Hello John ! Hope you're fine Well ...

AMD gave me an anser like " Not really sure it's a mainboard issue. Could you beso kind and test out other Hardware with it. Or the same Hardware on another Mainboard.

Not really helpfull ...

But i can't do those things coz i don't have my own Customers Support at home lol --- So ... i will wait like that for the moment. 

Thanks for your help, i wish you the best for Christmas things and an Happy 2023 year.

Peace !


Thanks so much TAPATOR, I hope you have a great holiday season.  Have you opened a support request with Gigabyte? if not, please do. Please do a winver in a command prompt and post the results. How often are you crashing. Thanks and enjoy, John.