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Journeyman III

Crash in game with Ryzen 5 3600 and asus rog b450-f gaming

Good everyone, I've been having a very awkward time with my new PC. I bought those two Ryzen 5 3600 models, asus rog b450-f gaming, with 2 Hyper Fury 8gb memories of 3200 and a 1060 of 6 GB.
It is presenting me with constant crashing problems as a game so popular that it is the league of legends, lineage 2 and some old ones. Some do not run and others do but at the time of playing the game closes with a crash that does not know the support of the games.
One of my solutions was to update the BIOS with a version “ROG-STRIX-B450-F-GAMING-ASUS-2605” and it does not present a problem but if I want to update with new versions it returns the inconvenience then I want to know what the problem is if my Motherboard or the processor because the truth would not have to be something like this if everything is new except the video card.
It should be mentioned that everything is by default as the BIOS is installed please I need an answer or what steps to do to inform my situation that is happening.
Thank you.

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Have you tried the new v2901 bios with the latest chipset drivers from AMD and an up to date windows 10? If it still doesnt work, then it may be a good idea to stick with the bios version that works for you right now and wait for Combo PI bios to be available for your board (should be available for B450/x470 in a week or two) as ive heard of some simillar case as yours but it was with the MSI B450/x470 Max boards and they said that updating to fixed all the issues they were having, its just taking some time for it to be available for boards like yours due to the limited ROM size of the non max B450/x470.

Also if your not seeing the problem pop up with 2605 but have it with all the other newer bios versions then the problem is most likely with the boards Bios and not the processor, which means its probably best to ask for help in Asus ROG forums as some users of the same boards as yours may have encountered the same problems you are having and may know of some fixes for you to try.


If he updates with v 2901, there is still the inconvenience of not being able to open games until mozilla crashes: / hahaha I don't understand what reasons or what processes he performs to make that happen.
If I go back to the other version since I can not play and waiting for a solution becomes quite annoying. I consulted here since I have not seen cases similar to mine. Then I opted to be the processor.
Thanks for the reply and I'll be watching the news.


I want to comment again that there is no case with the new ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING BIOS 3003, the same problem returns. Searching on the Internet I found that disabling processors from MSconfig does not throw the Crash, then it mentions that it is a non-card processor problem. Please, if you have information to deliver to be able to deliver it to the supplier and cover the Warranty.
I did tests with 2 cores, 8 cores no problem I leave it automatic and Crash.-