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CPUZ line code to slower AMD CPUs ?

 The very first time i installed the 5950X on X370 , without windows 10 resintall , 32 GB DDR4 , dont remember parameters ( surely 3200 )  , CPUZ scores 741 single and more than 12000 ( i dont remember ) .

I didnt screenshot this score because i thought it was normal scores .

 After that , impossible to reach the same scores especially in single score . The CPU could have overtook 700 pts and 12000 but never reached more than around 705 in single .

I dont really like TPU cause i theirs CPU and GPU tests are biaised in defavor to AMD , not really fairs , like their 7600X in an intel CPU test with 6000 Mhz Ram setting but with 2000 Mhz infinityfabric .

So i ask if the TPU software , CPUZ could have a line code , like in nicest intel cheats years intel did , that slower AMD CPU like " if CPU = AMD , slower CPU " . CPUZ or windows ?

I  can tell that generally , scores are 665 single and under 12000 , depends on ram settings and windows 10 activity that slower computer .


CPUZ_Gskill 3200 à 3200 MhzCl14-14_221207.3_1.jpgCPUZ_Gskill 3200 à 2000 MhzCl15-15_5950X_221222.1.jpg


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What i see is your memory is running at base speed, not its higher rated speed?

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Big Boss

TheSmartestChoiceAMD, this whole post makes little sense. This is a user forum, we have have no way to know if some application has a "...line code.." to cheat on the results. Your test is being run on a down level CPU-Z on a system with a replaced processor and a stale install of Windows. There is no telling what the results will show. If you want to test I recommend you run Cinebench R23 and Ryzen Master(RM) to monitor. Enjoy, John.