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Journeyman III

CPU Vcore under 0.65 volts warning (Ryzen 2600X)

I have been receiving warnings from my SIV saying that my CPU Vcore is under 0.65V when idle. Is this something i should worry about? 

I am using a Gigabyte Aorus Pro WIFI motherboard, 550W PSU and RTX2080 Graphics card from Zotac.

I have not had any performance issues, and have left all my BIOS and clock setting default. When under load, the vCore is fine at 1.3-1.4V. I have also updated my BIOS recently in hope that it may fix it but the issue persists. So is this something to worry about?

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Journeyman III

Sorry to necro an old post but my solution was switching off AMD's Cool n' Quiet in BIOS. Apparently the chipset in Gigabyte mobos sags the voltage when attempting to underclock the cores. The only downside is that my CPU (R5 3600XT) runs slightly hotter (3-4 C higher) (using stock cooler) and can't go as low as 2.2 Ghz; the lowest it can go now is 3.2 Ghz at idle. Other than those 2 things, it is a great fix.


My specs are:

Aorus B450 Elite

Ryzen 5 3600XT

x1 XPG Spectrix D50 8GB @ 3200Mhz

XPG Pylon 550W


NZXT H510 w/ 4 fans (2x intake and 2x exhaust)