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CPU temp stuck at -55c in BIOS?


I recently bought a Threadripper 3970X along with a Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme mother board and my CPU temp in BIOS is pinned at -55c. This makes adjusting fan speed based on CPU temp impossible and is a big problem for me.

I have already done all the basic stuff like re-seating CPU, RAM and GPU. I have updated my BIOS and reset it. I have even replaced my motherboard without any change.

So this makes me wonder if it's actually the CPU that is faulty?

The weird thing is that in BIOS my temp is pinned at -55c, but in Ryzen Master the temperature is read correctly.

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I'd suggest posting about the issue in the Gigabyte forums, since if Ryzen Master is reading the temperature properly, and other Windows programs are reading it properly, it's not a CPU issue. Since it happens across two motherboards, I doubt it's a motherboard hardware issue.


-55C is down there with liquid propane. Bit flammable but it can cool a CPU fine. Liquid carbon dioxide can handle maybe -35C which is fine for overclocking too.

I see you have already checked for a BIOS update. This could a case for a faulty CPU thermal sensor.

Adept I

I have a solution for you. I know this is a 3 year old post, but let me just tell you, I've found countless posts on many forums asking for help cause their CPU temp in bios was in the negatives (mine was -99C), thus their Fan curve wouldn't work and the fans, both CPU cooler and chassis fans, spun at a set value like 500RPM or 700 or max. This resulted in people who want a quiet PC to have a nosia PC when at night watching a YouTube video or very bad high temps on cpu and other components duo to low rpm when needed. 


So I tried several fan curve apps, and out of those who weren't obsolete on windows 10and 11, and weren't for Mac or paid Apps, I W found the ebat app - ARGUS MONITOR - free, for PC, Windows 10 working, light weight, custom fan curve based on cpu or gpu temps = just like a working BIOS should except it shows correct CPU temps.


Idk if my board has faulty cpu temps sensor or what, but this Argus app really is a miracle. After 3 days of pure hell since bios stopped showing correct cpu temps, I'm finally calm. 

Adept III

Try clearing the CMOS memory on your motherboard. This will reset all BIOS settings to default. Sometimes, incorrect BIOS settings can lead to temperature reading anomalies.

The issue you're experiencing with your Threadripper 3970X CPU temperature reading in the BIOS is indeed unusual. The fact that Ryzen Master reads the temperature correctly suggests that the CPU itself may not be faulty. Instead, this issue might be related to the motherboard, BIOS settings, or sensor calibration.



Is three years old guys.....