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Journeyman III

Cpu Temp Reading 3700x

Hello i'm new here, bear with my bad english.

R7 3700X

Msi x570 Ace

Msi GTX 970

i'm a bit confused with the temp reading on the board post code, on software like HWmonitor and Ryzen master.

All have different reading, which one should i trust? Example on picture Hw read on mb sensor cpu is 58c, cpu package 60c, and on mb post code 55c.

This is not extreme, sometimes on hwmonitor mb sensor cpu 55c, cpu package 65c. on mb post 61c.

Bios 1.80 - AMD Agesa combo-Am4

Hwmonitor ver 1.41.0

Ryzen master ver

New on amd, never happen like this on my old i5-4690k and i5-6600k.

Suggestion? Or is it normal?

Hope not wrong section Thanks.

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Adept II


I too was pretty a pretty worried new Ryzen user and after scouring the web for weeks I've come to the solution to just except the fact that Ryzen chips perform differently than Intel which in-turn means to running a lot hotter than them even at idle. Now this being said, Ryzen 3000 series is still a relatively newer arrival with the whole x570 boards so give it some time till they work out all the quirks.

On the other hand to answer your question, different programs refresh the temps at different rates causing an issue using multiple softwares. For temp monitoring HWinfo is better than HWMonitor. Also what cooling solution are you using?