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Cpu stock cooler temps

I recently purchased a pre built from Rog with a5600x and it doesn’t t look like the normal stock cooler and I’m waiting for a cooler to come in that will fit  my case my idol temps stock out of the box are like 60 when I’m in bios and fans arnt cranked up there are not screw holes to mount more case fans so I’m left with 1 exhaust fan which I’m instantly changing can’t stand the noise does it seem alright or am I just paranoid


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So, you should give us more information on what computer you bought - the manufacturer, the specifications and things of this nature.  You are waiting on another CPU cooler to arrive?  Is that because you think your system is running too hot?  It looks like you have a stock AMD cooler installed and I wonder if that read exhaust fan is actually running.  In any case, You can probably add some more exhaust fans to the top of your case and get better CPU temperatures just from that.  Do you have any intake fans up front?  

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It looks like you have an OEM cooler and OEM motherboard which usually don't support coolers that aren't from the prebuilt manufacturer. Check to see if you have two brackets installed. They should be plastic pieces that your current cooler is hooked onto. In a good custom built PC in the BIOS your temps should be 30 to 40 degrees C. It is unfortunate that you can't install more exhaust fans. I have seen this case in YouTube videos where a specific prebuilt is reviewed and it isn't terrible while it also isn't the best for airflow. 

Provided it was me in this situation, I would change the fan curve on the CPU cooler in bios to 30% at 30c and at 70c it would be 100% with some fine tuning in between. I would also change all case fans to 100% to maximize airflow as it looks to be a bit restricted. I would also look into running a custom fan curve on the GPU depending on the model and its' temperature in that case.  

It may run loud but everything should be within the temperature limits and prevent thermal throttling. 

60c at idle is too hot. Most people with comparable hardware see temps like that when running tasks like gaming and actual work loads.

Good luck friend. 

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Well I’m pretty sure lots og people  have seen this case hahha the rear exhaust fan runs pretty loud sitting in bios is like 64 degrees there is 2 plastic brackets that it hooks on too and the clearance I have is less than 6 inches from mobo to glass so I bought a 135 mm cooler there’s the one exhaust fan and the gpu is an Asus phoenix 3060 I tried f ing around in the fan curve stuff but I’m a novice lol