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Journeyman III

CPU heatsink bracket

I have been using AMD for many a years now. Love them and would never consider intel. But I have to admit that the CPU heatsink bracket on AMD boards are a pain in the royal ....  (you know the word).

Please AMD come up with something as easy as the Intel heatsinks!!! Make it a T instead of an X but for the life of me stop using the **bleep** clips!!! They are a pain!!

How many agree with me? How can we get AMD to look at this.

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I'm sorry....
I never gave that much thought on that.

Stock for Stock, AMD boxed coolers are much harder to operate for the novice but the Intel ones keep breaking/falling apart after some time to the point the cooler is no longer useful and then you need a new one or an aftermarket one.

If you mean aftermarket brackets, I'm sorry, doesn't seem much of a difference to me.

Care to elaborate, maybe?

The Englishman