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Adept I

CPU Fan not spinning

Hey, so I bought/built a PC 4 days ago. We built it and it worked perectly fine for 2 days, then I transported it with a car and tried to build it up by myself again somewhere else.

Now the CPU fan isnt working anymore. When I start my PC it says CPU fan error and when I open bios the cpu fans rotation is listed as N/A.

My CPU  is the Ryze 5 5600.

I tried plugging the adapter into other Fan slots, doesnt work either. Not too sure what to do anymore, the fan can hardly be damaged I would assume, Its literally only 4 days old. 
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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If the CPU Fan on the CPU Cooler didn't turn on with any other Motherboard Case fan ports (3 pin) then most likely it is defective.

When you power up, all the Case fans are working or is just the CPU fan that isn't working?

NOTE: Just because it is almost new doesn't mean it could have gone bad especially since you tore down the PC you built and transported via car and then re-built it again.

Possibly during the car ride the fan got damaged or the fan fins got warped to the point it won't spin with power on.

Physically check the cable for any damage especially the part that connects to the motherboard.

Manually spin the fan with your finger (power off of course) and see if it turns easily without any effort or noise.

Is this a Air or Liquid CPU Cooler?

I would find another working fan that would fit in your CPU Cooler and attach it so the CPU won't overheat when you power up the PC.

You can buy one quickly at Best Buy or Walmart or some other major Retailer that sells computer hardware.


Maybe you connected the fan wrong and that's why it doesn't work, or maybe you damaged it while driving and that's why it doesn't work

It must have been damaged while driving I assume, or its just a manufactoring issue.

I dont think i connected it wrong, because all you have to do is put it in the plug that says cpu fan right? And it worked perfectly fine before I brought it somewhere else


Hey, thanks for the answer.

Its an Air Cooler. And yea, every other fan is working perfectly fine. I checked the cable and everything seemed fine and the fan spins perfectly fine when I manually spin it.

I didnt completly tare down the pc and built it up again, I kept it in the case for transport, my bad, I shouldve clarified that. 

I will try to buy another fan somewhere, but probably not possible before monday.


Adept I

If anyone has any ideas on what to do or test, or what I could have plugged in wrong or what else could cause that issue let me know. Ill buy a new fan tomorrow and see if it works, until then I guess i can try some stuff


You can always use one of your PC case fans if it is the same size as your CPU Cooler fan temporarily unless it badly affects your Air circulation inside your PC. You can remove the side panel until you get the new fan.

But if you plugged in your CPU Cooler fan where any working PC Case fan is working on the motherboard and the CPU Cooler fan didn't work that is a good indication you CPU Cooler is defective. Since you know the case fan was working and has power to the Fan port on the Motherboard.

Plus if you plug in one of the PC case fans to the CPU Fan port and it starts working that eliminate the Motherboard as being defective.

a 4 Pin Fan will work in a 3 Pin fan port and vice versa. It probably will just run at full speed.since the 4th pin is what controls the fan speed by the motherboard.