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CPU Compatability for an x370 Bristol Ridge Motherboard

Hi everyone I was recently researching cpu's for my motherboard, and was wanting to see the best possible options available. I have an x370 red skull bristol ridge motherboard, and was digging around online, and found that on wikipedia it says that x370 motherboards can run zen+ cpu's. Which would make it possible for my motherboard to run on a Ryzen 5 Pro 3400G,which is a zen+ apu, according to wikipedia. Does anyone know if this information is true ? Obviously I understand the motherboard may not be using the cpu's power to the fullest, but thought it would be a good option until I could upgrade my motherboard as well. Im leaving a link to where I found this information on wikipedia. If anyone has any knowledge on the topic, Id appreciate it. Thanks

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Journeyman III

What Motherboard model do you have exactly? All motherboard manufactures provide an list with compatible cpu's on their website.


thanks for reply wolly. I havent been able to find any support pages about cpu compatability for my board. Its an AMD promontory x370 chipset, and its called a red skull bristol.  It says in the wikipedia link that I posted that x370 boards are compatible with zen+ cpu's, and was wandering how accurate wikipedia was...


Dell mobo from 2017, so would need bios update (from Dell mobo maker) to run the newer 2019 processor.

If they can't supply it then no it will not work (AMD do not supply bios updates, that's on the board maker).

You would have to ask on dell support/forum about what upgrade path is available re cpu.




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Well in theory yes. But since you have an OEM motherboard in this case Dell. It's a little more trickier than with 3th party motherboard vendors. I was able to find this for you specific system:



 But like stated previously, you need to ask Dell or get an new motherboard.



If you have a pre-built, which seems like you may have, beware! Like others said, its tricky, Dell (specially DELL, yeah you DELL, I'm looking at you!) They have a bag full of tricks but at least you can call Dell support hotline and try it out.

Personally, for the CPU you picked, aside for a slightly better single core, which is good for gaming, there's not much advantage over a 1700X. Changing motherboard won't be easy, because I believe that the PSU you have is very limited for that pre-built. The case too, Dell have boards with different layouts, the new one may not even fit there.

Final advice, save your money for a new system.


Good Luck!

The Englishman