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cpu:amd phenom ii x6 1055t --cpu temp

Hello eveyone , i have cpu amd phenom ii x6 1055t and i am listening a small noise (pc seems to be under a bit of pressure), and i check cup temperature and the minimum detected is 82 C and max 85 C.Which is the normal range for this cpu model , thanks

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According to CPU World for your Phenom II X6 1005T the Maximum Operating Temperature is :

Maximum operating temperature  ? 55°C - 71°C


From 3dGURU Tech site:

Screenshot 2021-01-20 105509.png

EDIT: At those temperatures you posted the CPU should have shut down the computer to prevent overheating damage. So unless the Monitoring software you are using is incorrect  or not reading the proper temps of the CPU.


 what about this?





Your processor is running way to hot. Possibly if it runs a little higher than that it will probably shut down your computer.

If your idle temperatures are higher than 35c - 45c than you have a problem with your CPU Cooler.

When was the last time your replaced the Thermal Paste on the CPU Cooler to your processor?

The temperatures shouldn't go above 60c for your processor under any type of loads or Stresses.

Your processor has the same Maximum Operating Temperature as my former FX8350 which was 62c also. When my FX8350 temperature went above 80C or higher it would shut down my computer.

My original old Stock CPU Cooler went bad and wasn't properly removing heat from the FX8350 thus causing it to overheat when under Stress or very heavy loads. Once I replaced it, the temperature of the processor wouldn't go above 60C under heavy Stress tests or loads.

In fact your Phenom II has the same TDP of 125 watts as my former FX8350. So you need a very powerful Air or Liquid CPU Cooler to maintain it below 60c.

I installed the CoolerMaster Hyper212 EVO which is for processors of 150 Watts and was able to do the job.  It costs around $35 - $40.00 dollars online.



@elstaci thanks dude , i will fix it !