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Journeyman III

CPU 3700x

Hi all!

Built a Ryzen PC, with the new 3700x. Things were running fine, temps sitting between 28, and 31oc idle, with me just googling. I currently don't game. 

Now, i started to get blue screens, and the pc would reboot, to the point where it then shut down, and wouldn't turn back on; the fans spin, and the MB is litt up, but no boot. 

I sent back the PSU; MB; Swopped out the ram and GPU and still no boot, so just to make sure as i had bought the CPU from Ebuyer, i sent the PC into a computer repair shop, and the result: Dead CPU. Now in the process of RMA the CPU back to Ebuyer, and let me tell you, don't buy anything from Ebuyer, but that's besides the point.

My question to you is: How rare is it for a CPU to die? My last one ran for 15 years, i only ever changed the GPU, and PSU. I eventually upgraded after the second PSU died. I don't game, but i'm now worried that the replacement CPU will also die, and i'm already stressed about it!

Thanks guys.