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Journeyman III
Journeyman III


Hello there! i would like to ask a question about Ryzen 3700X i just bought. I am not a pc expert and i got a little of experince on amd pros. i want to ask about VCore voltages and VDD. specifically i want to know if there is a way to lower their max voltages and if yes , how lower should i go. Cause in the official site they say that these CPUs run max to 95 degrees , but 60-65 seem much to me too. on idle i run about 30-35 degrees but when i open the browser or a program  that doesnt stress it much , the voltages ( vcore) go up to  1.430 (approx) and VDD 1.46-1.5 with the temps going up to 58-60 for a sec and going down again. is this normal or there is a way to lower vcore and vdd to lower my temps. ( if someone is willing to help me , i would like to ask what is vcore and vdd also ) thanks a lot ! i appreciate any help 

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