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Journeyman III

Connection of wraith prism to MB

I have a Ryzen 2700X with wraith prism cooler mounted to an MSI x470 gaming pro carbon AC.

I have had an issue were the RGB lighting on the cooler would go off after about 20 seconds of powering my system up.  I could go into mystic light and turn it back on but it was so annoying.

After trying to find answers, the main thing I could was that you should NOT connect both the USB and RGB cables, which I had both connected.  I removed the RGB cable and that seems to have solved my issue but I now have no control of the LEDs.  I downloaded the coolermaster control program but it kept saying to connect the cooler at which point I realised that I had the cooler connected to the CPU fan header and not a USB2 header as seems to be mentioned everywhere.

So I questions are:

1  If I disconnect the cooler from the fan header and connect to a USB2 header, will the MB still control the speed of the fan as it currently does or will it constantly run at max speed.
2  Does the coolermaster program only control the LEDs or does it also control fan speed.

I would like to have control of the LEDs but am more concerned with having the fan speed controlled.

As always any help much appreciated.

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