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Journeyman III

Computer Restarting

Hi All, 


I recently upgraded to a 3700x and I do a fair amount of image processing using a program called "Pixinsight".  With the new upgrade, my computer keeps restarting everytime I try and to any task that potentially uses a lot of processing power. I've replicated this process with Prime95 to confirm it was a processor issue. I did a bootable drive memory test and it returned with no issues. 


I've upgraded my PSU which is now 850w, reapplied thermal paste, and even tried to keep the processor max at 80% in the windows power management tab. All to no avail. The computer just keeps restarting/crashing. 


I like the specs of the processor and really don't want to have to replace it, I just cant keep going on if I can't use this software, as this is the reason why I upgraded my processor. (of note, the software worked fine with a less powerful processor, I just wanted it to be faster, hence the upgrade)

Thanks for any help.

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You didn't mention what temps your processor was showing when rendering and what CPU Cooler you have installed?

Which Windows version you have install nor Make & Model of your Motherboard and GPU and  RAM.

A computer restarting during Rendering could be many factors involved like Overheating (GPU or CPU), poor Overclocking, bad power from PSU, Gpu Driver issue, incompatible program with processor, etc.

I have a 3700x and to keep it cool I installed a Hyper212 EVO CPU Cooler with a push-pull fan configuration and under stress it keeps the processor under 72C.

Rendering puts a lot of stress on both the GPU and CPU. So it could be a GPU issue or a CPU issue.

I suggest your download and run OCCT Diagnostic and run the PSU Test which run both the GPU and CPU tests at the same time putting maximum stress on the PSU. See if the computer shuts down and restarts again during the test.

If it does then just run the GPU and CPU tests separately and see if it shuts down.

during the time your testing check the PSU Outputs, CPU & GPU Temperatures, and Fan speeds.

Also when you upgraded to the 3700x did you check your motherboard's QVL List for RAM MEMORY for  Matisse processor to see if your current RAM is listed as being compatible?

If it is listed check to see how many DIMM Slots it is compatible with and the maximum RAM speed it supports with your RAM installed.

Ram testing is good to physically discover defective RAM modules but it doesn't show if Ram is compatible or not.


What is your motherboard and chipset?

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