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Journeyman III

Can x470 + 3700x run Win7?

My current operating system is win7,The motherboard is x470,CPU is 2600.I want to change the CPU to 3700x.Does anyone know that my current system will continue to work?

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Ryzen CPUs are not officially supported on Windows 7 by either AMD or Microsoft. Also, Windows 7 has less than a year before it is end of life, so you need to upgrade to Windows 10 now.

Ryzen are designed for Windows 10 only, they are not intended for running earlier versions of Windows

no drivers exist and windows 10 still takes windows 7 keys

Journeyman III

There are no 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen X470 Drivers & Support | AMD chipset drivers for W7 yet (and I am afraid there will never be one). You should be fine with the 2600 though. I am having the same dilema, either wait for something with uncertain prospects or switch to Linux (once the rdrand/systemd issue will settle down).

Edit: I've created a ticket for AMD to get the information, whether they do plan to release (at all) chipset driver for 3rd Gen Ryzens, similar to what they did to 2nd Gen. I will post the reply here, unless somebody from AMD will decide to comment.

Big Boss

pls dont run ANY Ryzen in Win7

AMD + MS built a better scheduler for Win10 that works great with Ryzen - AND ONLY Win10 has this

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