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Journeyman III

Can't seem to turn off overclocking Ryzen 7 7700x

Hello, just recently built my pc with a MSI pro B650-P motherboard that is up to date. I have gotten familiar with the bios settings and am trying to turn off overclocking for testing purposes, etc. When i disable the option, and even disable percision boost overdrive, my CPU still tries to overclock no matter what. I have even undervolted slightly to see if this would make a difference. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or my changes in the bios are not actually saving as they should. Not sure if it is a bios problem. Is there something I don't know?

off topic of turning on or off overclocking, I wanted to note that setting the thermal limit does seem to work so it doesn't run as hot.


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Big Boss

SRes_lol, I think what you have done wrong is mucking around in the BIOS. You should use Ryzen Master (RM). Please try this: Clear CMOS and set BIOS to Default. Reboot and post screenshots of RM both Basic and Advanced Views. Thanks and enjoy, John.


Hello misters,


can you explain me step by step how can I disable overclocking my ryzen 7 7700x cause he auto overclock and raises temperatures suddenly from 40 degrees Celsius to 70 - 75. 
Thank you! 


Can you please clarify, your CPU is overclocking to what settings???


My cpu overclocks on its own without any reason or any specific setting. Also, when I open Google chrome, the temperature rises and from 40 degrees Celsius it goes immediately to 65 degrees. What can I do to stop this??