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Journeyman III

Can Lenovo (or other manufacturers) limit supported SSD sizes on the AMD Ryzen SOC?

I am looking at a 2-year-old Lenovo IdeaPad 14 laptop that comes with a Ryzen 4700U processor and a matching Ryzen SoC. According to the Lenovo detailed specs listing, the maximum supported SSD size is 512GB, which seems rather limiting. I am wondering if this is just written this way because they sold this lower tier model with SSD only up to 512GB, or because they have somehow - and for whatever reason - put a limit in the BIOS to prevent larger SSDs from being installed. As far as I know it supports standard M.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs of both the 2242 and 2280 variety. I don't want to buy one just to experiment with installing a larger SSD.... Web Hosting

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Volunteer Moderator

That's a good question, technically yes they can put a limit on SSD size support for their laptops, you should contact their support chat to get a more direct answer.