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Adept III

Can I replace my Ryzen 7 1700X to new part due to know Linux segfault bug (in RMA process)?

Like in title. Can I still replace my new Ryzen 7 1700X to new part without defects due to know Linux segfault bug? Does AMD still receive and send new CPUs due to this unfamiliar bug in these the first generation Ryzen CPU's in RMA process? From first declaration of the AMD passed a 1,5 year. Please, give me sure response about that question.

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Best to open a AMD Warranty Request and find out. Once you give them all the information, they should advise you if your Ryzen is one of the defective CPU and should replace it, if still under Warranty from here: AMD Warranty Request Form | AMD


Thank you. I fulfilled AMD Warranty Request few hours ago. Somebody can tell me, how long must I wait to the first instruction what should be done in next step?


Unable to answer how long it will take. But I would wait at least a week and inquire again. When they answer back they will let you know what information they need to decide what next step to take. Have they given you a Warranty case number yet?

Take a look at this previous Thread here at AMD Forums concerning Ryzen CPUs and Seg Faults. It is VERY LONG THREAD. but it mentions a lot of information concerning how long it took to RMA the CPU and also mentions various CPU serial numbers that are affected by the Seg Faults. gcc segmentation faults on Ryzen / Linux