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Journeyman III

Can anyone help with my new Ryzen 3700x not posting?

've been trying to troubleshoot this problem for nearly a month now.

I bought a Ryzen 3700x and upgraded it from a Ryzen 5 1400. I updated to the most recent bios before I installed the new part.

When powered on my computer will not POST and the CPU debug LED is a solid red.

I have tried every compatible BIOS versions, tried to boot with only one ram in every slot, took out the CMOS battery to reset my BIOS. I even bought a new ASRock Phantom gaming 4 because i assumed it was an issue with the MSI MOBO. When my parts are installed into the new ASRock MOBO my system power cycles every 15 seconds with the DRAM and CPU LEDs on. This is also the second 3700x chip i have tried, i returned the first one for replacement but this second one is having the same issue.

I am pretty lost right now and help would be greatly appreciated.

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Does your PC have a speaker as this will give you error beeps which can help to identify the problem?

Also does it boot with the old CPU if you still have that?



Yes the old CPU does work. I do not have a speaker plugged in but could i use headphones in the aux jack to listen?


The PC's speaker I am referring to is a tiny onboard one connected to the motherboard which is only capable of producing beeps, not one you plug into the jack socket.  

They are great for diagnosing POST faults.  


no i do not have one on my motherboard (x470 gaming plus).

Ive tried a lot of troubleshooting with my motherboard and CPU. Could it be something else such as power supply or RAM?

I appreciate you trying to help by the way.


I don't think the PSU or RAM are faulty as your PC boots with the old CPU.  

Whenever I clear my CMOS I always take the battery out, short the CLR CMOS jumper with a small screwdriver, wait 1 minute then put the battery back in.  


Are you using the same RAM Memory as the one you used for the Ryzen 5 1400?  Or did you replace the RAM Memory when you install the new processor?

If you have the same RAM Memory as the one you had for the Ryzen 1400 it is a good chance it is not compatible with your new processor.

Can you please post the Make & Model of your Motherboard, GPU, PSU and Windows, BIOS version installed?

Also post the RAM Memory part numbers you have installed on your motherboard for the Ryzen 3xxx processor.

If you want with the above information I can look up the RAM MEMORY QVL LIST from your Motherboard's Support site if you are not sure how to do it and attach the QVL List to the next reply.

The Ryzen 1xxx Processors uses different RAM MEMORY than the Rzyen 3xxx Processors unless both are listed on the QVL LIST for both processors.