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Adept III

Can an intense use of the 7700x iGPU cause the driver to crash? Or would it just be a bottleneck?


My saga to discover where is the problem of my windows freezes...

My setup:


Motherboard: Asrock x670 Steel Legend
CPU: 7600x
RAM: 2x16gb Corsair 4800mhz (not in QVL *)
SSD NVmE : KC3000 1tb for Windows and 2tb additional.
Windows 10 x64 - new installation



Now current with 7700x:

Yesterday I unninstalled every chipset and VGA driver, seems to changed something.

Today Windows frozen, but after some minutes it recovered one monitor and saying AMD CRASH RECOVERY recovered a driver crash.

Like the freezes that occurred before, Windows was just frozen every time..., but I've tested 2 CPU (7600x and 7700x), 8 memories sticks from two brands and it still froze....

I ordered a new motherboard from Asus and an Nvidia Quadro to test (they haven't arrived yet), but the question...

If I make "a little more intense" use of video with a lot of things open on 2 monitors, even if my main work is not with video, could it make it overload to the point of crashing? I thought that the maximum that would occur in an intense use of the integrated video, would be a bottleneck. That's why in this generation I didn't even buy a GPU, I initially choose the integrated video only.
I use about 600 open Chrome tabs, another 50 of Edge, 30 of Firefox and dozens of Opera and I set all browsers to use Video, because when using the CPU, I saw that it was used more intensively (and perhaps unnecessarily), and the integrated video worked normally in browsers, I could watch up to 4k videos normally in browsers (even if you didn't need it). In addition to other open applications.

So the question, I used almost exactly the same things on my old PC: FX-8350, r9 280, DDR3. (but it had dedicated video).
Even though this is a new generation, in a possible a more intensive use of video (because the browsers maybe?) with this much open things... should the integrated only occur as a bottleneck? Or could it cause driver crash/system freeze as its happening right now?

Any opinion is appreciated, thanks a lot! 

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