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Journeyman III

Can AMD RYZEN 5 3600X processor directly replace a failing AMD RYZEN 5 2600X processor?

I would upgrade to the AMD Ryzen 5 3600X if it will directly plug into the place where the 2600X is.  The 2600X is failing.

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Both the 2600X & the 3600X uses the same Motherboard Socket AM4. So yes it will fit.

BUT  the problem is will your Motherboard support the new 3600X and if does, which BIOS version do you need to have installed to recognize the new 3600X.

You need to go to your Motherboard Support download page and go to "Compatility" and check the CPU SUPPORT list. There it will show all the processors that motherboard will support with the correct corresponding BIOS Version.

Also check to see if your RAM MEMORY is listed for the Matisse RAM QVL List in the same page.

Once you find out your motherboard supports the 3600X Processor and which version of BIOS you need to install, this is what you need to do:

1- Install the latest Motherboard CHIPSET first. (Many BIOS updates requires the CHIPSET drivers be updated first before updating the BIOS).

2- Check to see if the BIOS Version you install is the minimum required to recognize your Processor. If it isn't or it is the minimum version then update the BIOS to the latest after updating the CHIPSET drivers first.

3- Check to see if your RAM MEMORY is listed under Matisse QVL RAM List. If not don't worry about it yet.

4- Your 3600X is now ready to install on your motherboard. Once you install it and it boots up then probably your RAM Memory is compatible.

Important Note about BIOS updating. Before you download and update the BIOS read carefully the NOTES on the far Right column. Usually in RED or YELLOW lettering. Some BIOS updates will make certain processors incompatible on the motherboard after updating.