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Journeyman III

Can AMD phenom ii x6 1045T work well with basic W10 system?

I have been using my amd phenom ii x6 1045T for years now....LOVE IT.

Just a basic machine, for web stuff, word, email , Garmin mapping.....

It has performed reliably for years.

Problem is Windows 7 is going to lose security update support in January so I have to go to Windows 10.

Not at ALL happy about that, but it is what it is.

Anyone running Windows 10 on this processor?

Its mated to an MSI motherboard...16GB of ram.

I was thinking I could just buy a new main drive, install W10 on that, and then transfer my documents and files over from the old system drive.

Really would rather not have to build a new system...this one has been so good....and I just put a new power supply in it.

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Re: Can AMD phenom ii x6 1045T work well with basic W10 system?

Sure, the Processor should work fine in Windows 10. Just need to be sure you have Windows 10 drivers for your motherboard.

Try upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 using a Ingrade Upgrade. That way you won't have to reinstall or lose any of your 3rd party apps. Plus you may still upgrade free.

Go to Windows 10 download page from here: Download Windows 10 

Click on Windows Assistance and it will automatically download and install Windows 10 on your computer.

Follow this Tech site on how to upgrade to Windows 7 and possibly still get it free: Upgrade Windows 7: Download Windows 10 For Free [How to] . It involve using the Microsoft link I posted above.