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Journeyman III

Building New PC and upgrading to 3600x from 2700x and already purchased motherboard

I am building a PC from scratch and previously planned on using a ryzen 7 2700x. after being convinced to use a ryzen 3600x i dont know if my motherboard i purchased will work. i already have a msi b450 pro carbon board and dont know if i should return and get x570. will i be able to update the bios on a fresh boot? pcpart picker said i may need a an older cpu to update bios. Thanks

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The b450 pro carbon will be fine, but you likely will need a boot kit to update the UEFI for a 3600x, unless the vendor is willing to do it for you.

X570 is really only worth it if you have need of PCIe 4.0 now or in the future.  Currently, GPUs don't need that level of bandwidth so all you are paying for is the higher idle power consumption of the X570 chipset.