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Journeyman III

BUG in Vegas Video Event Pan/Crop w/ large JPEGs in AMD-7800 APU processor

Hi, guys at AMD. This is not the first time I've reported this BUG. I already reported this BUG to AMD, Sony (in the time that Vegas was from Sony) and a few years ago to the Magix team. In all these years, none of these companies have taken any steps to remedy this problem.

This is yet another attempt to expose the problems. If it is not resolved, I must post it on YouTube, so that the whole world can know about the disregard.

Vegas Pro is not working well on pan / crop in large JPEG images on machines with AMD processor A10-7800 APU.

I made a video explaining the BUG's step by step. Anyone can watch it here:

You can download projects, sample JPEG file, rendered file and system information at

If my problems can not be solved, what I might be doing is alerting others on YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc. My patience has run out for years!

Oi pessoal da AMD. Esta não é a primeira vez que eu relatei este BUG. Eu já relatei esse bug para a AMD, Sony (na época em que Vegas era da Sony) e há alguns anos para a equipe Magix. Em todos esses anos, nenhuma dessas empresas tomou medidas para remediar esse problema.

Esta é mais uma tentativa de expor os problemas. Se não for resolvido, devo publicá-lo no YouTube, para que o mundo inteiro possa saber sobre o desrespeito.

Vegas Pro não está funcionando bem em fazer pan / crop em grandes imagens JPEG em máquinas com processador AMD A10-7800 APU.

Eu fiz um vídeo explicando o BUG passo a passo. Qualquer um pode assistir aqui:

Você pode baixar projetos, amostras de arquivos JPEG, arquivos renderizados e informações do sistema em

Se os meus problemas não puderem ser resolvidos, o que eu posso fazer é alertar outras pessoas no YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc. Minha paciência se esgotou por anos!

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Re: BUG in Vegas Video Event Pan/Crop w/ large JPEGs in AMD-7800 APU processor

Sorry, vjsouza, we are not "guys at AMD", at least I am not (I am a user).  I suggest you open an AMD Technical Support Ticket here.  Good luck and enjoy, John.

Adept III

Re: BUG in Vegas Video Event Pan/Crop w/ large JPEGs in AMD-7800 APU processor

Well I'm also not an AMD guy but I'm not really sure what you are about here :-)

In you Video you show that a piece of software ( expensive one for sure ) 

not made by AMD does not work with your AMD CPU.

In the same Video you are saying:

'It *does work with any other Software on the same machine* but this one..'

Now what can this 'mean' ?

That means , in this case the , software makers ( MAGIX SOFTWARE GMBH )

have 'bugs' in that software preventing it to work right or as should on that

particular Hardware.

While on same hardware 'other' software is working fine , please complain to

the peoples wrote the buggy software because only those guys can fix it , right ?

I'm not sure why you think AMD can fix something in this case or have anything

to do with that issue.