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Journeyman III

BSOD after installing ryzen 9 5900x

Hello, I got this processor about two week ago and since then I've had intermittent BSOD at random times, the behavior of the system is very inconsistent. whether I left it at no PBO changes or with pbo changes to undervolt the system.

Last night was the first time I ran an amd system monitoring software and I have a rec and a log. Would this help anyone help identify whether the processor is unstable or bad?

AMD log folder 

this link goes straight to the log folder with 2 files; log and a csv that the soft monitor recorded. The bsod that casused this crash was something called NetBT and WHEA logger. 



Please take a look and let me know, thank you.



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Adept II

Re: BSOD after installing ryzen 9 5900x

BIOS update, see other thread. You might not have the right SOC, VDDP, VDDG voltages, in my opinion. Or idle current set to typical.