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Journeyman III

Brand New Ryzen 2400 G Build: No Video Feed. How to troubleshoot?

   I have built systems before but this one has me stumped. The 2400 G is installed on a Gigabyte B450M DSH3 board with 16 gigs of RAM;parts purchased form Micro Center via their recommendations). No video card installed as this is not going to be a gaming rig; the Vega graphics will be more than enough for their needs.

   Anyway, system boots up, all fans spinning, motherboard LED is on, RAM firmly set but I cannot get a video feed to a monitor or HDMI TV. I have checked and rechecked all connections.  The monitor is an old Viewsonic with both D-Sub (VGA) and older DVI. Motherboard has the new DVI-D connection so I cannot use DVI. It also has an HDMI connection. I first tried HDMI to VGA. Nothing Then I tried 3 different HDMI to HDMI cables to the LED TV.  Nothing. Both monitor and TV say the same thing: No resource.  I have switched HDMI ports on the TV. Nothing.

    I have tried the one stick in each of the four memory slots and system boots each time.  With not being able to see the screen and initial BIOS I cannot move forward.

   Does this processor need specific connections to work, i.e. HDMI 2.0 cable?  I am really stuck so help will be appreciated.

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