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Adept I

Box CPU with Box OPN and Chip with OEM OPN. SN the same in box and chip!

Hello everybody!


I'm having a really strange issue. I have to send a Ryzen 5 5600 to RMA (1 year old) and when I was checking the Serial Number (SN) and the Part Number (OPN) I saw that the box of the CPU and the CPU itself have the same SN written, but the ONP written in the CPU is a OEM OPN and the ONP written in the box is a BOX OPN.

Initially I was woundering if the store made some kind of scam (but in a sealed package?!), but aren't the SN unique? How can it be that for the same SN there are 2 Part Numbers?

I submitted the RMA with the Box OPN, because the other one won't be accepted. I don't know if I should send the CPU or wait to this strange thing with the 2 diferent OPN is cleared 


Thanks in Advance! 


EDIT: In the invoice is the BOX OPN

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