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bought ryzen 5 3600 after fedex shipped me a computer with broken r7 1700x and i just realized after hours of fixing a ram issue that pins were stuck under the socket and broke the r5 3600 and im wanting to know is it even possible AMD would trade both br

Fedex sent me a computer i bought and said it was my sender's fault (yet i have pictures of the initial box banged up and torn with a dented side door(on pc tower) but my sender decided to open up a case on it so we are waiting on that but i decided to see if there was a way i could replace the broken ryzen 7 1700x with a ryzen 5 3600 (which i bought recently from AMD) and honestly im so so soooooooo pissed after realizing old pins from the 1700 was stuck in the socket when i put the 3600 in and it was causing bios issues and memory issues after attempting to fix said pins now the cpu is also broken and honestly if Fedex doesnt answer soon i might give up hope as a developer its just costly fixing everything on my own


willing to trade my ryzen 5 3600 and my ryzen 7 1700x for a new cpu to try and revive my computer

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AMD Warranty doesn't cover bent or broken pins.

Your Sender (Retailer/Vendor?) took the correct course in opening a case. The sender is responsible for making sure the computer is well packaged from being damaged and the computer was in working condition before shipping it to you.

I would also open a FEDEX case to try and get a refund for the box being damaged and the computer being damaged via shipping.

Good thing you took photos of the delivered box before opening it as proof the box was received damaged. In the future, if a Shipping company delivers you a package with obvious damage to it. Don't sign for it and send it back and alert the sender why you refused the package.

In this case since the AMD 3600 was damaged by you, the customer, and the AMD 1700 was damaged, either via shipping or by the sender, AMD Warranty will not cover your processors.

You will have to take it up with your Sender to see if they will replace your 1700 processor and damaged Motherboard.