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Journeyman III

boot kit

Requested a boot kit 3 days ago, have not received any response other than the automated ticket e-mail. Had I known it was going to be this much of a hassle going with AMD I would have went with Intel & Nvidia instead. Spent near $1000 to build a PC that I can not even use because AMD customer support is incompetent, what gives? Seriously considering returning my cpu, gpu & motherboard just so I can get something that actually works.

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Re: boot kit

May I ask why you are blaming AMD when it was your fault in purchasing a Motherboard that didn't have the correct BIOS version on it?

You didn't mention which Ryzen you purchased nor Motherboard. But most Motherboards will have on the cover that it supports AMD 3rd generation processors.

The company you should be blaming is the Motherboard's manufacturer or yourself for not researching Motherboards before buying one that didn't support 3rd generation processors with the correct BIOS version installed.