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Adept II

BIOS CPU temps about 12C higher than Windows idle


I have Ryzen 3500X. Asrock B550M pro board with latest BIOS 1.9 AGESA

In Windows OS my idle temperature hovers around 42C which is perfectly normal and well within limits.

However immediately when I boot to BIOS, BIOS shows the temp of 53C. I am not too sure why BIOS temps are about 12 - 13C higher than what's reported on Windows by Ryzen Master. Is this expected?

Since Ryzen Master is proprietary I believe in its reporting. Even other apps like Core Temp also shows more or less same readings when idle on Windows.

My guess is that when in Windows the OS takes better control over CPU and CPU must be entering low frequency/low power/low voltage state cooling it down. But BIOS might not have been optimized and it lets the CPU cores run at 3.6Ghz??

There's no way to know what's the exact real frequency of CPU when in BIOS. However it shows CPU voltage about 1.09V.

 I hope this behavior is normal. Any comments are welcome.



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