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Adept II

Best way to OC a 5900x with Dark Hero - new owner of Ryzen need help


I am about to get a Dark Hero board with a 5900x and coming from years with Intel i'm kinda lost about how I should Oc it. I've checked CTR and it seems like a great tool to start with, no?

I saw a tutorial for version 2.0 

I was wondering if I can still use it since the latest release is 2.1, is there any differences? Some people on discord told me NOT to use this tool, i'd like your opinion

between PBO, curve, the switch oc on the dark hero, that's a lot of tools i'm not familiar with and i'd really like some expert advices

I read that the Dark hero switch was great but i'd like some help to do that the proper way


Thanks !

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One place to ask would be here:

ASUS ROG Forums 

Check out some Youtube videos,overclocker forums etc.

guru3d Clocktuner 2.1 for Ryzen Article 


Is clocktuner recommended by AMD?

 I've just tried some oc with curve + pbo + dark hero switch 

For the curve, i'm not sure I understood it i put -20 on best cores, -25 on second, -30 on the others.

However my idle temps RISED a lot, i'm close to 50c idle, what could i to do fix that?