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Journeyman III

Best AIO for 3970x please?

Hello, I just bought the 3970x and Zenith 2 extreme. Can someone please recommend the BEST cooler (not custom loop) for this? No budget limit. This is for work and want stability and no problems! Thanks!

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Here is AMD Recommend AIO CPU Coolers for the Ryzen 9 3950X which should be the same for the 3970X: 

Thanks!! I was looking at the wrong page earlier. If you were to buy one with no price limit, which would you get?


Sorry but I am not in a position to advice you on that since I don't use AIO's.

But since you have such a high wattage Processor, I would get an AIO with a 350 MM  and not a 280 MM Radiator.  Also need to make sure it will fit in your computer case.

I have attached to this post an older list of CoolerMaster CPU Coolers Socket compatibility with TDP ratings which you might find useful.  The new version of this list doesn't mention TDP ratings anymore.

Not pushing CoolerMaster just they have a list with TDP ratings that others don't.

Here are a couple of Google results about Best AIO CPU Cooler 2019:

Best AIO Water Coolers 2019 - Liquid CPU Cooling Recommendations 

This thread has users suggesting their best AIO coolers for 2019: 

Maybe some other User will give their input with experience with AIO CPU Coolers.

Good luck!


Strange enough in another AMD Thread concerning Ryzen Master issue not working with VBS enabled, This User happened to mention which AIO he uses on his Rzyen 9 3950X for his work:

You might want to send him a PM and ask him his opinion of that particular AIO and how it effective it is in maintaining the processor cool under heavy loads. The CPU Cooler is listed under AMD Recommended AIO Coolers.


Ah thanks man!  I was thinking, is there going to be a significant difference if I upgrade to that from a  Corsair 115i?


Ahh nevermind, mind isn't the pro version. It's the regular 115i


It listed in the AMD Recommended list.

Before buying another expensive AIO, Install the one you have and see if it keeps the Processor within Operating temps under load. If it doesn't then upgrade to a 350MM Radiator AIO.

Maybe the current Corsair you have is sufficient.

hardcoregames™‌I believe uses a Corsair AIO. Maybe he can give some input for you.


The dual fan AIO coolers are not really necessary. I use MX-4 and I have several fans.

Front and side fans pull cold air in and the top and rear fans pull warm air oot. Impossible to overheat with the HAF 932 fans, they are all 230mm.


The OP is referring to the Best AIO CPU Cooler. I know you use a Corsair AIO on your processor. Which is why I mentioned you.

The processor the OP has is a 280 Watt TDP Processor which is a very high wattage CPU and needs a high quality powerful AIO to maintain its temperature during very heavy loads.


I have a few water cooler parts. The Corsair H115i is the current model. It supports iCue for management etc.

Adept I

hey there ,

 I have the 3950x , i bought the Thermaltake Floe riing RGB 280TT , i added an extra X2 140mm fans for push/pull , it dropped the temps down an extra 10/12 degrees depending on what im doing, its doing a great job. And it reasonably as well. A 360 AIO wouldn't hurt either.

Oops,. I was half asleep when I wrote this, I was meant to say " and it's "reasonably quite" as well, even when running on full while gaming etc etc.