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Journeyman III

Athlon 200GE OPN Differences

Can I ask what is the difference between these two?


I bought a bundle of motherboard and CPU which is MSI A320M-A PRO. Then when I checked the compatibility through their website, I noticed that the CPU code of Athlon 200GE listed there is different from mine (YD20GGC6M2OFB)


Is it still compatible with my MOBO even though the CPU Code is different but they are both Athlon 200GE?

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It makes no difference. Same processors but purchased differently.

If the Athlon 200GE is the one you highlighted -YD20GGC6M2OFB / YD200GC6M2OFB all that means is that the processor was purchased by the OEM company as a Tray Processor.  The Processor that comes in a Tray with several other same type processor is called a Tray microprocessor which is sold via Wholesale or directly from AMD.

If you purchased the Athlon 200GE at a Retail Store than it would have YD200GF6FBBOX as a Model number and a AMD Warranty of 3 years.

Whereas the YD200GC6M20FB / YD20GGC6M2OFB has no AMD Warranty and the Warranty on the Processor comes from the OEM Manufacturer.

If you notice those Tray model numbers are listed under OPN TRAY which means they were sold by AMD and purchased by an OEM manufacturer and not sold through a Retailer/Vendor.

This is helpful thanks.


CPU-Z will show your CPU is correctly the Athlon 200E unless its a fake.

A while ago I bought a box retail Athlon 3000G for a project. At 35W it is very power efficient.

My CPU has surfaced in some retail computers in the lower price range. That is because the Athlon 3000G is the cheapest AM4 CPU currently available.

That's the problem. I like to try it if it's compatible but the other parts I ordered are still in transit so I don't have the opportunity to try it.


CPU-Z and GPU-Z are both very helpful tools to check to see that the hardware is working etc

GPU-Z can view sensor data on the video logic to see if it is within safe operating temperatures etc

CPU-Z has the ability to look at RAM close to see if timing can be tuned etc