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Journeyman III

Athlon 200ge + Asus A320M-K = monitor not waking up from standby (Win10x64)


I have 3 similar PC with Athlon 200ge processors and Asus A320M-K motherboards. Everything working fine except that when monitor goes to standby mode (according to power settings in windows) it never wakes up. Moving mouse, pressing keys on keyboard, turning off and on monitor - no luck, monitor says "no signal" and goes to standby mode. But! The PC is working, i can log in by RDP or any other remote control software and use it with no problems. Current workaround is only to press power/reset button, then monitor wakes up, or to set "Turn off display" to never in power plan options.

All PCs have latest bios, latest drivers and all windows updates installed.

Any suggestions how to workaround this? I've already tried to install older bios, older drivers - no luck.

Oh, almost forgot: monitor connected via VGA (D-SUB).


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