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Journeyman III

At what degrees does my the Ryzen 9 7950 shut my PC off

I’ve been trying to figure out why when I’m gaming my pC **bleep**s off on me. It just upgraded to the ryzen 9 7950 cpu and I can’t get through 30 minutes of gaming until my pc just **bleep**s off. Is my cpu overheating? I did notice I was running An average temp of 86 C and I hit a high of 89 C. I am only using a stock cooler that came with my old ryzen 7 3700x. I do have another cooler coming in now, but is my cpu going to be damaged now and also is my cpu running at an avg. of 86 degrees C while I’m gaming the reason why my PC powers off?

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Big Boss

DRAKEYYY, your cooler is the problem! Are you running any OC? Please go into your BIOS and disable CPB (Core Performance Boost). This will prevent the clocks from boosting and hopefully stop Shutting down. If it keeps doing it then I recommend you wait till the new cooler is in place. I suspect you have a 7950X and the maximum temperature is 95C. Install the Ryzen Master (RM) to the temperature and other critical values. Please post a screenshot of RM. Thanks and enjoy, John.


The Ryzen 9 7950 has a high TDP Rating of 170 watts so you will need a very powerful CPU Cooler. Preferably a AIO Liquid CPU Cooler rated at least 200 watts or 250 watts  TDP for this type of processor.

As mentioned the Maximum Operating Temperature of the 7950 is 95c. So if it goes over 100c it probably will reach a critical temperature where it will shut down to PREVENT damage.

If it is reaching 89c it shouldn't be shutting down due to excessive overheating since it hasn't even reached it maximum running temperature of 95c.

Besides your CPU will shut down when it reaches a critical temperature above 95c to prevent damaging the CPU and surrounding hardware.

The bundled CPU Cooler for the 3700X is the Wraith Prism CPU Cooler but that isn't strong enough to prevent your new CPU from overheating.

Make sure on the Wraith Prism you have set the tiny black switch on the case to Performance which makes it run more aggressively.

I would run OCCT all three tests and keep an eye on Temperatures, Speed Fans, PSU Outputs to see which hardware is overheating or something abnormal is showing.

But yes, You will need to upgrade the CPU Cooler to a much stronger AIO CPU Cooler with a minimum 200 Watt TDP rating or higher.

Look for CPU Coolers that are rated for AMD ThreadRipper Processors that have very high TDP Ratings for your CPU processor.

Journeyman III

Hey man. The cooler you're using is definitely not up to the TDP of the 7950x. Not only is it older but it's from a 7 series. I'd highly suggest an aftermarket AIO cooler or a high-end air cooler. You can look here for suggestions on what to use for your CPU:

Ryzen 9 7900X | Radeon 7900XTX