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ASUS making it real easy to look else where for gear. AMD please get on ASUS,. please.

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Adept II

Very sad, I have been a supporter of the Asus brand since my first motherboard purchase 20 years ago. Whoever is in charge of customer relations or brand strategy at Asus needs to be replaced at this point. 

AMD, please do twist their arm to fix this properly.


It is. Ive been a real fan of ASUS, and, ROG. I have 2 monitors, a psu, motherboard, a router, hell, several things. Ive defended them at times, but here,... i just struggle. I posted on the ROG support forum over a week ago. My title of the thread got changed, as well as several posts in the thread. They just got deleted. Instead of owning up, the rug sweep is big, and i dont care for it. There is always issues,.. how you deal with the issues, is what people want. And this,.... sadly is NOT it. Ill run my rig (asus x670e-e/7800x3d) as is. Im not going to jump through hoops, or any other sort. Ill run it, and if/when something happens, i will toss the board and chip in the garbage, and look else where sadly. Such a shame.