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Journeyman III

Are my Ryzen 7 7700X Temperatures okay?

Hey there, Just build a pc couple weeks ago. I feel the temps are running high. CPU (tctl/tdie) is always around 54c and will spike to 68-70 when just having browser open. Also seen spikes out of no where to 80c+. While running furmark 4k uhd test gpu goes to 65c. while playing Apex legends getting 80c with spikes to 95c which I think is cpu max. Seems too hot. 

Now I'm not that educated in computers but recently learning a lot. I did watch an oc video and followed the directions and tried to OC my cpu on afterburner while using kombuster to test, I did also adjust my fans. I'm not sure if it actually saved though and was actually oc'ed! When I open afterburner now it shows core clock at +0 ... so idk if that means it wasn't oc'ed or not.  BUT on Hw info it will show core clocks of 5400 mhz sometimes soooo maybe it is OC. If it is OC its pretty stable at about 54c. IF this is ture and it is oc, is this fine temp wise or should i UN-oc it 

Also when I installed the aio I did the blob method and maybe should be repasted with X to improve the thermal conductivity. msi mag c240 aio which had good reviews on memoryexpress (where I bought everything and based my purchase on their reviews) but on newegg its got terrible review.... if I knew I would have purchased a diff AIO cooler

Monitoring with HWinfo and Ryzen master any insight and info will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!
cinebench score 18K+

System info
MSI MPG Gungnir 110r case
asus x670-e
32gb ddr5 5600
3080 oc tuf 
msi mag c240 aio 
970 evo 2tb
Thermaltake smart 700 psu............ yes i know its short a connector for the mainboard. only using one 8pin on mainboard when it has 2 ports.... is this okay?

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Community Manager

This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. Those temperatures are okay and well below the maximum temperature of 95c.

Under lightly threaded workloads, such as web browsing or even playing games, the CPU will automatically increase voltage to allow for higher CPU frequency and more performance. 

The CPU is smart enough to know what to do to increase performance where there is temperature/power headroom available. Please have a look at the following KB article which explains how the Precision Boost algorithm works in more detail. AMD Ryzen™ Technology: Precision Boost 2 Performance Enhancement | AMD

As for your question about only using 1x8 PIN, I believe that should be okay. 

Journeyman III

I seem to be having the same issue but instead I have a NZXT AIO z73. Has your pc been the same since or was there anything you changed like the thermal paste?


Same with me but I have the z63. My cpu temp at idle is around 54-58. While I play games like valorant it’s around 80-90/95. Is it normal?

Adept III

Being a 105W TDP CPU you can try PBO limits, for my 5800X did the trick. Start testing with PPT 130 TDC 85 EDC 125.