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Journeyman III

Are game codes added to ryzen 5 3600?

Good morning, I have a question about adding codes to Ryzen 3600, I have wanted to join you for a long time, and I put it on this processor, I bought it the day before yesterday and I opened it and there was no code, I am a disabled person and I really care about getting the code, I can't move too much because I have mobility problems, thanks to which I would have some moments of joy

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 This is the current AMD Promotion: AMD Radeon™ Raise the Game Bundle – COMPONENT, SI & OEM  

But it is only for AMD GPU cards and none for Ryzen Processors.

The last AMD Promotion for the Ryzen Processors ended on February 15, 2020: Ryzen Equipped to Win Game Bundle – COMPONENT, SI & OEM

If you were interested in getting a game(s) with a code you needed to check the website to see if it was advertising any AMD Promotions for the hardware you were purchasing or ask the Retailer/Vendor if there are any AMD Promotions currently active.

Unfortunately, since there are no active AMD promotions for Ryzen processors you won't be getting any codes from the Retailer/Vender.