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Adept I

App Goes blank and then comes back to life

As stated above my problem is that all the apps on my computer just go blank when i just switch tasks to a complicated task when my CPU has to run faster

Such as while i am scorlling on youtube and suddenly open a video of high resolution...the screen just goes blank with the background of the app staying there indicating that the other processes are running 

That's not jsut with my browser but other editing applications too... I just open the transitions tab and just hover on them to check the preview...boom the screen goes blank with the background colour of the application still there...and then after a few seconds comes back to life

Its really annoying all the time and not only that it also causes some apps to in the editing app it just stops the video preview and asks me to reopen the app...when i do that all my progress is gone and the issue still exists when i open the transitions tab again 

pls help!! 

CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 5700G

Motherboard : MSI A520M PRO VH

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