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Journeyman III

Any way for consumers to buy the Ryzen 5 2400GE?

4 cores, 8 threads, integrated graphics, 35W TDP... Sounds good! Except I can't find any place that sells it even though it should be out already.

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Not really since it doesn't include a heatsink. Since the only difference between the two is base and boost clock speed, you're better off getting the 2400 and manually setting the clocks in BIOS.

Thanks for the tip!

This might just be a viable alternative. I wonder if the TDP of the 2400G is anything like the 2400GE if I underclock it at exactly the same clock speed. The reason I want the 2400GE at 35W TDP is because I want to put it in a fanless HTPC case that acts as a heatsink.