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Journeyman III

Another Heat Issue With R9-3900X

I have combed through the forums and unable to find a topic that fits my issue so here we go. 

I have a Ryzen 9 3900X in an X570 MSI motherboard. I built the rig in July 2020. It has been functioning fine through some very vigorous gaming over the past near 2 years. I generally have CPUID or MSI Dragon Center up monitoring my CPU while pushing it. 

3 weeks ago my rig shut down without warning while gaming. I restarted and thought something other than the CPU getting hot was the issue. After a handful of shutdowns since then, and lots of research, I was able to identify that the CPU temp was hitting 105C and shutting down while gaming. It doesnt shut down any other time. Since noticing this Ive logged the temps and have found that my CPU Core temp is running double the rest of the rig at idle (See images). When put under load it will run 93+ and the rest of the rig is 55-60. It runs 30+C hotter than the rest of the system. 

My first thought is that the CPU cooling system is not functioning properly (running a ID-Cooling Zoomflow 360X liquid Cooler) but all 3 fans are operating and running at 2000 rpms working its butt off to cool it. 

My second thought is that the thermal paste is for some weird reason not working. I dont know thats reaching since its been working for 20 months without issue. 

Im open to suggestions. System runs until I put it under load (primarily gaming) and then it shuts down from overheating. 






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