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Adept III

An old old bug with RAM caching and stuttering games(and others apps).

Dear AMD, three years have already passed since the bug with the processors zen and zen + has not been fixed(I do not know if there are these problems on zen2).
I mean staters and friezes due to caching of RAM in Windows. Over time, when approximately 8-10GB of memory is cached, micro stuttering and friezes begin. They are easily fixed using third-party software. Really for three years you could not agree with Microsoft?
Is there really nothing you can do to fix this problem? Do something in the ryzen master or chipset drivers to fix it?

So that you understand what I mean, I give a link to a video with a solution to this problem, using a third-party program.

As far as I know. Intel processors do not suffer from this problem.
I am not very pleased to use third-party programs from unknown developers to solve such problems.

I also wrote to Microsoft and am waiting for an answer.

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It's a bug with Windows 10 which hasn't been fixed, and is the subject of numerous articles. AMD has nothing to do with it.