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Journeyman III

AMD2400g white screen randomly ?

I've been using this cpu fine with the integrated radeon just fine over a year.

Suddenly, I randomly get whilst using the pc (just chrome etc, I don't game) a completely white, blank screen?

I've done all the necessary checks on my Dell UltraSharp U2414H, and all checks out fine.

I'm using latest bios, recently updated to try and solve this to no avail, on my ASUS X470 PRIME PRO board with 32gb of ram. I do plan to upgrade to a full card and better processor this autumn. . but in the meantime this is driving me nuts!

If I turn the monitor off, getting the USB disconnect sound, then turn it back on, the display of my desktop or browser comes back just fine. within half an hour, just browsing text or working in excel, bam! the screen goes blank again (a kind of milky white).

Radeon Settings Version

Driver Packaging Version

I've been through the entire library of chipsets, USB drivers and bios updates on the x470's page. No change.

I've even done a full reinstall of W10! and it was fine for a couple of days, and today it's back.

Any advice appreciated!
Many thanks.