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Journeyman III

AMD Wraith Prism not spinning

I have a new wraith prism cooler right out of the box that I used to swap out my old CPU cooler. When I switched over to the new cooler, it lights up but doesn't spin. It spun just one time for about 3 seconds and stopped and hasn't worked since. When I boot my machine I get a CPU Fan error. After troubleshooting I went over to best buy to grab another motherboard to test that as well. This time around i get a CPU Fan Speed error. When I go to the BIOS on both motherboards there is no CPU fan detected. Ive tried using system fan connectors to no avail. Im at my wits end, is my fan faulty? Thats kind of sad considering it never worked in the first place. Any help would be great

PC Specs

Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming

Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 1700x

CPU Cooler; AMD Wraith Prism

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Big Boss

looks like you have a dud for a cooler, take it back and ask for a replacement

Journeyman III

This comment may be a little bit late but I have the EXACT same Motherboard with a Wraith Prism CPU cooler and have the same issue.

My temporary solution was to connect it to "cha_fan" (chassis fan) connector instead of the "cpu_fan" connector. It still gives the cpu fan speed error and i had to get through bios to boot into desktop which is a hassle but at least it won't burn out your processor. (I wouldn't recommend doing this tho).

I'm going to ask for a replacement tomorrow and see whether our cooler has issues with our motherboard specifically or just coincidentally faulty on the same setup.

EDIT: I just had my motherboard checked by ASUS themselves, They just updated the bios to the latest version "Version 2605" released in August 12 2019, the patch notes also indicated "Improved compatibility for Ryzen 3000 CPUs."

My Wraith Prism fan cooler is now working perfectly.

This thread helped me. I just built a new computer with a ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming (purchased in-store at a Microcenter so I knew the BIOS was updated for Ryzen 3000 CPUs) and a 3700X which came with a Wraith Prism and had the same issue as the OP. The CPU fan would spin a few times and then stop and not spin. The lights did function and stayed on. CPU temp gradually increased as you can imagine. I hadn't really troubleshot the problem but did a search first and found this. I was planning to update the BIOS anyway with all the BIOS news out there, but after reading this, it was my next step. It solved it. The original BIOS was version 2301 and updating to 2704 was the fix. 

Check in the BIOS and see how the fan controllers are set. There may be some error that can be corrected to normalize the fans.

Thanks. I will poke around in the fan settings some more, but my problem is really solved. As long as it isn't audibly annoying and is cooling fine then I am good. I will also do the next BIOS update when it comes out since it had significant improvements from AMD.


hard to believe the CPU fan was borked due to flakey ROM

Journeyman III

It's just a garbage product. But it's fixable. Remove the blue wire from the connector. Your welcome... 

Thank you! It worked!


Yep I've had to use other MOBO fan headers when I thought a fan was going out. Turns out some times fans and the motherboard get finicky like a cat as to which fan headers they are connected to. 22 years of PC building and no idea why this happens it just does. Had a Zalman ZF Triple Heatpipe 150 watt TDP all copper 120mm CPU cooler that would not work when connected to any mainboard CPU fan header connect to chassis header worked like a dream. Got an MSI 6 Heatpipe dual 135mm 200 watt TDP CPU cooler and will not work on any header but the CPU fan header.

Trial and error live and learn and happy gaming. 

Oh and no I've never connected a cat to my PC. Haven't found one that's compatible yet <sarc>.